The Dual Reality Experience

Can you imagine a play center that encourages children to put down their devices and explore the real world whilst keeping them engaged in a fun manner? Well, let me introduce you to Playsy.

The Playsy Experience” consists of two parts; the real-world, the Playsy town and the digital world, the virtual playsy app. Both are designed to encourage and enhance children’s exploration of the real world. Working together the two worlds are linked through the meta learning system. Technology is used as a tool, not a form of entertainment, inspiring wholesome children.

General Cognitive
Social Skills
Social Skills
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Encouraging financial responsibility at a young age

The Playsy Credit Card links the virtual bank account with the physical Playsy account across multiple platforms. Children can use this card to accumulate Playsy Dollars and purchase items in the facility such as food, beverages and toys or use their rewards for additional features on the virtual game. The Playsy Credit Card enhances the child’s experience and begins to instil financial sense at an early age, increasing awareness in concepts such as earning, spending and

What do people say about Playsy? “Kids have oooodles of fun!
We literally have to drag them home!”