the dual reality experience

Playsy is the first-of-its kind dual reality play center. The Playsy experience consists of two parts: a real-world, Playsy Center, based at Bahrain’s premium location in City Center Mall and a digital, virtual world on the Playsy App that is available online and accessed from any smart device worldwide. Working together, the two worlds are linked throw a Meta Learning challenge server. This server create challenges that are based on the 5 core elements that have been developed from silicon valley to help assist our children in bridging gaps between skill sets needed and the technological advancements of today’s world allowing them to have fun and learn valuable skills at the same time.

Parents can drop-off their children to our secure and safe environment where he or she will be truly engaged and enthralled with the twelve occupational base challenge modules that are mirrored on the Playsy App.

Upon entry, the trained and friendly staff at the Playsy Center are on hand to guide every child through the tasks and help them complete various challenges. The child will be encouraged to work in teams, and meet new friends whilst completing these challenges. Each child is allocated a wristband that electronically tracks and records each activity and all rewarded Playsy Dollars gained (PDs). Every occupational module room is fitted with a Tap & Play touch screen that allocates and generates challenges across modules directing your child to the set challenge and rewarding him or her with more PDs depending on the individual performance of the particular challenge completed. Children also have the choice to free play within the facility.

When leaving the Playsy Center, every child is credited with his or her PDs achieved onto their personal Playsy Credit Card to take away with them. The Playsy Dollars are a unique Playsy currency that can also be redeemed for products and services at the Playsy Center. The challenge storyline leads to endless possibilities allowing children to accumulate an infinite net worth value which is redeemable at the Playsy Center on any visit that your child makes.

Our differentiation comes from investment and the roll-out of interfacing technologies meaning that your child will experience a 21st Century journey whether they are in the physical Center or accessing the virtual Playsy world online.

The Playsy App acts as the gateway between the physical Playsy Center and the virtual world. Children have access to the App allowing them to join the physical center enabling them to continue their personal storyline journey and experience remotely. Children can participate in our unique dual reality experience by completing various challenges at home, An example of the challenge might be “build a bridge” that a child will have to complete this challenge with the items it may find in there current surrounding, there for challenging the child’s skill sets, every challenge is created to enhance key skill sets needed and are based on the META LEARNING process.

All features on the App have full parental control and access providing you, the parent with the ability to monitor your child’s activities online, view creations the child has done, absurd informational facts about areas the children might be lacking or even ares the children excel in.  When playing on the App, the children are encouraged to try and complete the tasks on their own. In essence, our experience and expertise have resulted in a proven concept and a reputable brand name. Our commitment to safety, quality, originality, and technology advancements keeps Playsy at the forefront of child-inspired edutainment.

 Visiting Playsy? We’ve got just the ticket for you…

“Gustavo” the challenge server has been created based on the research and development of Silicon Valley that guides parents to the key skill sets needed to be built on, assisting children to develop skills that may be lost with the advancements of technology, The integration system at Playsy guides the child’s play experience. He links the child with the endless activities and allocated tasks in both worlds, depending on various factors such as the occupational module, age of the player, experience, and skill sets. In the physical world, the server interfaces within the Tap & Play screens located in each occupational module room, while represented in the virtual world by the Playsy Avatar.

The Playsy Credit Card links the virtual bank account with the physical Playsy account across multiple platforms. Children can use this card to accumulate PDs and purchase items in the facility such as food and beverages or use their rewards for additional features on the virtual game. The Playsy Credit Card enhances the child’s experience and begins to instill financial sense at an early age, increasing awareness in concepts such as earning, spending and managing money.


  1. The concept of Playsy is designed for children aged 4 to 12 years old.
  2. Children above the age of 12, but under the age of 18, who would like to enter the town, will be charged according to the hourly rate.
  3. PLAYSY does not have a changing area for children in diapers; therefore kids who enter the facility must be potty-trained.
  4. Rates are hourly. If a customer passes the original pickup time by 10 minutes, charges of an additional hour will be applied at the same rate.
  5. Parents or guardians must be aware of their time. The PLAYSY team will not inform the guardians by phone or any other way about the expiration of their time.
  6. Every person within the town area must wear socks for hygiene purposes. No shoes or bare-feet are allowed.
  7. Children accompanied by adults are under their guardian’s responsibility within the facilities.
  8. Any kind of food or beverages are not allowed within the town area for hygiene and safety reasons.
  9. Bags are to be stored in the available lockers and not permitted in the facility for safety reasons.
  10. Any personal items must be kept outside the town area in the special cabinets or lockers. Cabinets are free of charge while lockers have an extra charge of 1 BD.
  11. Any adult willing to enter the town area, regardless of the duration, must pay the adult fee according to the daily rates per hour, due to capacity and safety purposes.
  12. Any payments made are non-refundable.
  13. During the guardian’s absence, no food, candies or beverages, will be sold to children without the guardian’s permission – except for water.
  14. Strollers and/or supermarket trolleys are not to be kept within the facilities.
  15. There is a strict queuing system.

Playsy offers a unique Drop & Shop service, offering parents the opportunity of free time while their children are encountering the unique Playsy experience, on an hourly basis encouraging children to socialize with each other, build new relationships and be autonomous. Should an adult choose to accompany their children, the adult will have to pay an additional charge.

Non-Peak Rates (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Drop & Shop 6.000 BD Per Hour
Stay & Play 6.000 BD Per Hour
Adult 1.000 BD Per Hour

Peak & Holiday Rates (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Holidays)

Drop & Shop 7.000 BD Per Hour
Stay & Plays 7.000 BD Per Hour
Adult 2.000 BD Per Hour

App 4bd
Credit card 1bd
Socks 1bd